[Poll] Texting While Walking A Crime?!?!?!?

Lately, we’ve heard of the “texting while driving” bans in the DMV…We’ve even heard of the cell phone while driving bans all together! Well, now texting while WALKING is a crime…In Fort Lee, New Jersey, if you are caught texting while walking, you’ll have to cough up $85 for the ticket you receive!

“There have been 23 pedestrian accidents since January, Fort Lee police chief Thomas Ripoli,” told CBS New York. Although most accidents are minor, there have been 3 deaths due to the issue!

“They’re not alert and they’re not watching what they’re doing. As of now, [officers are] to give summonses to pedestrians who do not adhere to crosswalks and the lights.” Ripoli told CBS New York’s Derricke Dennis.

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