Did Raven Symone Come Out Of The Closet?

There have previously been rumors of Raven Symone being a lesbian…but now word is she’s living with America’s Next Top Model’s AzMarie Livingston.

AzMarie Livingston and Raven Symone are said to be living together in Raven’s top-notch $11,000 a month New York City condo.

It’s come to the point where Raven just doesn’t care what anyone thinks…Wonder if she saw this in a “vision?” #ThatsSoRaven

Sunni And The City


    OH WOW!

  • http://deandra_herbin@yahoo.com Sapphfire

    If raven symone is a lesbian then she is join the club raven ……its still no reason to question her sexual orientation or discrimminate against ….because she obviously made up her mind of what she wanted to be

    • crusinthedevil

      key words “made up her mind” ….being gay is a choice! nuff said

  • http://www.facebook.com/truelyallwomen Yvette Reddrick


  • http://ticklemebottle.tumblr.com Angie Gwendolyn Ramirez

    I don’t care if she’s gay or not gay :|. She’s awesome. She’s one of my favorites. She didn’t confirm it herself. Plus she lived with Lindsey Lohan before YEARS ago. People weren’t saying they were together that time. I personally don’t like it when people make rumors like that. If they’re living together. Who gives a fu….YOU GO RAVEN!!!!!!!! <3.

  • http://WPGC None of you business

    Her sexually preference is none of my business. It does not change all the great things that she has done in her life and will continue to do in her life. Can we please find something important to be concerned with outside of who someone has chosen to spend their life with or to love.

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