Tameka Raymond Claims Usher Slept With Two Of Her Bridesmaids!

Usher and Tameka Raymond’s custody battle should go down in the books as just straight up super messy. The newest mess thrown in this whirlwind of sharp remarks spit back and forth: Usher slept with TWO of Tameka’s bridesmaids. That’s TWO of his ex-wife’s b-r-i-d-e-s-m-a-i-d-s. Tsk Tsk.

The accusation was spit out during court proceedings last week. It was also a response to testimonies of various nannies who worked for the Raymonds and claimed Tameka to be “negligent. She didn’t have schedules or instructions related to the children, she was sporadic with the pay, and that none of them would work for her ever again.” (source)

Thus, in defense of the nanny claims, Tameka’s attorney said her client very stressed and depressed at the time because Usher had revealed to her that he had slept with the two bridesmaids.

Ursh clearly had enough since he stormed out of the courtroom during recess, and was heard mumbling, “Now I am sleeping with her bridesmaids?”

Eeekkk! Hard to know what’s true this days. Accusations. Accusations. Accusations.

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  • LadyCee

    she needs to get over it he didnt want her in the first place with her old ass she being all press for him he should have stayed with Chilli at least Chilli didn’t look her age forget her Usher n do your thang n take just take care of your babies..

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