Beyoncé’s Dad Speaks On Lip-Sync Controversy And Her Secret Happy Place

In Beyoncé‘s Life Is A Dream documentary she touched on her relationship with her rap star husband, her daughter and her one-time manager  who happens to be her father. While the husband has remained quiet on the doc, and the daughter is too young to speak, the singer’s father, Mathew Knowles, offered some insight into his daughter’s new motherly role.

“I’m proud to see her as a mother,” Mathew Knowle’s told HLN. “I know this was something very important to her. To see her just hold [her daughter] Blue Ivy, that is something very special. I have a picture that nobody else would ever get to see of her holding Blue Ivy and you can see the joy in her face.”

While Mr. Knowles was tight with other details about his relationship with Beyoncé and his granddaughter, he did offer a few words on the lip-sync controversy that dogged his daughter when she sang to a backing track at the Presidential inauguration.

“When I see her perform I am so proud, it reminds me of when she was a kid and I know all of her dreams come true,” he said. “I can tell the special thing when Beyoncé is really happy, there is a certain way she dances a certain smile she has. I saw that. It brought tears to my eyes.  It’s a dad thing.”

But was the criticism fair?

“Beyoncé is a performer and she gave an awesome performance. I’m proud of her,” he said. “I’ve been in entertainment for twenty years, there is no such thing as fair.”

–E. Parker,


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