Yo! Listen Up: Senseless Violence Ripping Communities Apart

‘Tragic’ does not begin to describe this school year in Prince George’s County.

Six students have been murdered in the past six months, leaving their peers rattled and school officials “horrified.”

Fifteen-year-old Charles Walker, a freshman at Suitland High School, became the fifth murder victim when he was gunned down over a pair of shoes on Monday. Just over 24 hours later 18-year-old Aaron Burr, a classmate, would become the sixth student to lose his life to violence.

Authorities say there is no connection between any of the six murders, but that is of little comfort as a sense of hopelessness washes over all involved.

One student told All-News 99.1 WNEW this week: “We’ll just continue … kids will continue to die over stupid situations.“

The sad truth, however, is that these incidents aren’t limited to Prince George’s County. They’re not just limited to the District or Virginia, either.

Youth violence is a national epidemic for which there is no cure.

Hearing the cries, WPGC broke format Wednesday night to discuss the rash of violence on “Yo! Listen Up” — an open forum hosted by Peter Parker, Herkules and DJ Flexx.

These are your opinions and your thoughts.

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