The Game Raises The Bar With Barack Obama Tattoo

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(Photo Credit: Hemel Countess/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Hemel Countess/Getty Images)

Jay-Z held a lucrative fundraiser for President Barack ObamaYoung Jeezy dedicated two songs in the honor of the first African-American president. Now The Game has put some skin in the praise Obama game by getting a tattoo of the president’s face across his stomach.

The Obama tattoo takes up prime real estate on Game’s inked flesh, beneath his ode to N.W.A. piece. The pres’ portrait is in black ink with the word “COMPTON,” a shout out to Game’s hometown, scrolled in bold letter beneath the president’s image.

The tattoo-happy rapper recently posted a picture of his tattoo of the Notorious B.I.G. he had inked on March 9. The B.I.G. piece runs the full length of his forearm and, he said, was etched on March 9 in memory of the slain rapper who died in 1997.  

While the tattoo artist, Carlos Maceda, inked Obama on Game, he also scrolled a portrait of Game for a super fan of the rapper.

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Check out the video of Game getting his Obama tattoo below.

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