Chinese Bus Driver Escapes Disaster (Video)

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A bus driver in China, Mao Zhihao, is being called a hometown hero for escaping a near-death experience.

During a head on collision with a lamppost, Zhihao managed to maneuver the moving bus from the pole, narrowly missing his 26 passengers on-board.

Zhihao did suffer a ruptured spleen, but he is being praised for his civic duties and impressive reflexes.

“I was pinned down by the lamppost and put the bus into gear instinctively,” Zhihao said while being interviewed at a Chinese hospital.

“I had no idea which gear it was exactly, I just wanted to slow the bus down. I couldn’t see the road, and tried to drive it to one side of the road. The bus hit the guardrails and finally stopped.”

Check out the footage below of the accident:

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