Do You Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied?

by Tati


Sometimes as parents we like to hear “I learned this today at school.”

When we hear “she said this” or “he did that,” we quickly want to make it better and might not take the time to dig deeper.

My son used to tell me about kids being mean at school. I would go down there to complain and get a quick-fix from administration — it happened for years.

Wednesday on “The Pablo Show” I opened up about an incident that made me realize the severity of my son’s situation last year.

He was being bullied.

By sharing this experience, many other parents realized that their kids were also being bullied.

You can hear the segment above.

If your child shows disinterest in school or has combative towards you may want to investigate whether they have an issue that they can’t tell you about. Perhaps they’re simply afraid of telling you.

Here are some helpful local organizations dedicated to bullying:

Fight Crime: Invest In Kids

Partners Against Hate:

Above all, I encourage you to get help and not wait until it is too late.

“The Pablo Show” sends our gratitude to the many that wore purple to signify “Spirit Day” and a stand against bullying!


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