How Old is Too Old for Spankings?

by Tati

We have all been in trouble with our parents where we earn a spanking or two or three. In Pablo’s case, it was when he hurt his brother so badly he ended up in the hospital.

My 16-year-old sometimes tests me and makes me wonder, ‘how old is too old to spank your kids?’  

Sometimes he won’t do his chores and catches an attitude.  When is it not okay to spank your kid?

DJ Heat thinks 10 is the cut off age for spanking while Guy Lambert think there is no cut off.

How Old Is Too Old? Part 1

You may be surprised with the answers from some of our WPGC listeners.  One woman won’t spank her child because she’s afraid her three-year-old will start hitting kids at daycare.  

Another woman agrees with Guy and told us she ended up getting spanked from her own mother… and she’s 35.

Yes, there is a disclaimer after some of the calls!  The views of our listeners don’t reflect those of WPGC or The Pablo Show.

How Old Is Too Old? Part 2

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