Do You Have Phone Pictures That Need an Explanation?

By: Tati / The Pablo Show

Do you know those people who have pictures in their phone that make you wonder “what the heck is this?” It seems a lot of people have questionable phone picture practices these days.  For example, my friend has a picture on his phone of a body in a casket at a funeral. I think that’s inappropriate!

Do you have photos in your phone that need explaining. Pablo does and so does Guy. I think I am the only normal person on this show! Or am I?

Some of WPGC’s loyal listeners chimed in with their pictures that need explaining. One of our listeners has pictures of her father who was found naked and passed out on the couch Christmas morning, imagine explaining that to your friends.  Another listener saves pictures of half naked women from a Facebook group and his Mom found the picture while trying to send a text to his aunt.


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