Drake Talks ‘Degrassi’ & Being Accepted By the ‘Cool Jewish Kids’ on ‘Fallon’

By Shannon Carlin

We all know Drake started from the bottom and now he’s here. But it should be made clear that the “bottom” was really the Canadian teen soap, Degrassi.

On last night’s episode (Jan. 16) of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Drake talked about his acting past and had a little fun ripping on his questionable fashion choices.

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“I was a multi-tee layered teenager,” he told the crowd. “In case you couldn’t tell.”

Drizzy also revealed that the day he auditioned for Degrassi was a really pivotal day in his life. “It was the first audition I went on so it’s already a monumental thing,” he explained. “But it’s also the day I finally got accepted by these really cool Jewish kids at school.”

He says one kid, Daniel Pearlman actually asked him over to his house to have a really fun time, maybe too much fun. “I had this like really tug of war moment, where I did something I probably shouldn’t have done that starts with a W and ends with EED,” he said. “It was my first time and we did it out of what starts with a B and ends with a ONG.”

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