Terrell Owens’ Wife Wants a Divorce, Claims He Married Her for Her Credit Score

By: Sunni

NFL = “Not for long” and that is all too true for former NFL player Terrell Owens whose recent marriage only lasted two weeks. In case you’re wondering “what marriage,” let’s catch up.

According to reports, Terrell Owens married a postal worker named Rachel Snider in a private ceremony on Jan. 23.  Now, a couple weeks later, Snider has already left California and will be filing divorce as soon as possible.  Snider claims that Owens married her for her credit score so he could buy a $2 million home.

“I fell in love and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken,” says Snider, “I really valued his love and friendship for five years.  Out of the love of my heart, I tried to help him. We had a secret relationship for five years and I married him for love.”

There are so many questions about this entire situation. Owens revealed on his reality show that he had a credit score in the 500s and that his funds were running low. Rachel knew what she was getting herself into. This seems very messy on both ends, his and hers.

What do you think, DMV?

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