Reel Talk with Justine Love: ‘Son of God’

Breathtaking.  Amazing.  Humbling.  Emotional.  Inspiring.  Those are only a few words to describe this movie directed by Christopher Spencer.

Son of God is the journey of Jesus Christ’s life and death through beautiful cinematic storytelling. You will leave the theater with a more realistic perception of what the period of time and political environment was for Jesus and his followers.

Spencer’s directing and casting did an excellent job recreating what a person of that time and region looked like. His use of more colored people spoke to the stories about what Jesus and community conveyed.  I, personally, appreciated that.

The casting of Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ allows you to feel very connected to this man and the understanding of inner peace he brought to mankind.

What a pleasant surprise to see Roma Downey (Touched by Angel) playing Mary and Greg Hicks is a very believable Pontius Pilate.

This film is 138 minutes of engaging empowerment and thought provoking moments about the man who was called the Son of God.  I give this film 10 heartbeats not because I like Holy week holiday movies, but because it is that entertaining. It’s truly a family movie.

Enjoy and I’ll see you at the concession stand.

Justine Love

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