Pablo & Jaymee Start Pre-Marriage Couples Therapy

Yes, pre-marriage couples therapy.  It is more common than you think. Many couples are required to sit down with their Pastor before entering into their life long union. It seems like a good idea since you will be spending your life with this person and there are things about them that you may not find out until later in the marriage.

Pablo and Jaymee are getting married in December and we (Guy, DJ Heat and myself) always hear him bring up the “little things” that they fight about.  To our surprise, the happily engaged couple wanted to see and speak with a therapist live on the radio.  Dr. Weena Cullins stopped by the show on Wednesday, March 5 and did a quick assessment on Pablo and their upcoming session.

Being that we are all in the room when the doctor was in, Pablo asked us what we thought needed to be addressed in Pablo and Jaymee’s relationship.

Tati's Concern

Guy's Concern


Dr. Cullens sat down with Jaymee and Pablo the next night on March 6 and reported on what she thought the couple needed to work on from what was disclosed. It was such a successful session, Pablo even cried.

Pablo Cried

Couples Therapy

Of course, Pablo thinks he only needs one session to discuss everything.  We say ‘yeah right!’

Only One Session?

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