Couples Therapy Part 2: Should Married Couples Have Separate Lives?

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We had Dr. Weena Cullins on The Pablo Show again this week to help Pablo and his fiancé better understand each other before they walk down the  aisle.  Last week, she stopped by and gave Pablo a pre-meeting examination live on air.

There were a few interesting discussions that arose.  First, we asked if having a money dance is like begging your guests to help pay for the wedding.

Another thing that couples have problems with is a social life.  So we asked if it’s okay to go out separately and have fun with separate friends.

Finally, in my opinion, this is the most important question for men… is a woman always right? (I say yes.)

Also, is it true that what you loved about your partner when you first dated, you end up haring about them in the end?

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