The Game Rants About DeSean Jackson’s Release, Calls Out Eagles

By: Jodi Phillips
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DeSean Jackson (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

DeSean Jackson (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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The Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson after reports surfaced that he was tied to gang-related activities in Los Angeles.

Now, he is in talks with the Washington Redskins, who are intensely interested in signing Jackson if the price is right.

Unfortunately, his release from the Eagles stems from false reports that the wide receiver was tied to gang activities.  While the Los Angeles Police have denied any connection between Jackson and gangs in the area, it still tarnished his reputation.

This evidently struck a nerve with The Game, who posted a lengthy rant on Instagram accompanying a photo with the new headline “DeSean Jackson Released by Eagles.”

He spoke of the trouble this type of allegation has among the black community and how every inner city kid in Los Angeles isn’t tied to a gang.  He even called the entire situation a “stereotypical travesty” especially since the Eagles kept Riley Cooper, who was recorded selling the N-word at a security guard during a concert.

The lengthy message follows:

The release of DeSean @jaccpot10 Jackson due to alleged gang ties is a stereotypical travesty !!!! They the Philadelphia Eagles fight to keep Riley Cooper who disrespects a race of people ie ( use of the “N” word) !! I will not venture into the years of the legacy this word N—- has had on US as a people ie.. ( KKK, US, South Africa, ) so much that me myself, plenty of you & today’s youth frequently use making it okay for everyone else. But even still, to overlook Cooper’s actions but cut D.Jackson and say he is gang related is absurd !!! He has never been to jail, never had one run in with the law, never had a drug charge, a drunk driving case or been accused of rape or anything that would subsequently make him a threat to an organization where in 6 years he has been the Eagles leading receiver & become a pro-bowler as well as a community activist against gang violence…. With that said, what kind of statement is the NFL making????? They’re basically saying any kid coming out of California with the natural ability to be a professional athlete is gang related ?!?!? What is gang related ???? If a person that has dedicated their entire life to bettering himself, making it out of a dangerous city only to thrive in the NFL & make his entire family proud as well as his city & the millions of children who grow up here in Los Angeles who fight daily to survive in hopes of following in his footsteps is gang related, what hope is there left if any for our African American children here in California ??? This is a fight for everyone of us who has a child playing sports in California. Don’t sleep on this issue. It’s not just about Desean Jackson……. I’m calling out everyone to stand up in California youth sports. If Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have other motives why not just release him and be done with it ??? Why try to publicly try to defame his character, career & hardwork ???Ask yourself California. Get behind myself & my uncle @uneekmusic in fight to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen to our growing athletes. #ChangeTheStereotype #EachOneTeachOne #TheRobinHoodProject #UneekMusic #LaFamilia

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