VIDEO: Xzibit Throws Chair at Aussie Rapper Over Cab Ride

By: Jodi Phillips
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(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

“Pimp My Ride” host and rapper Xzibit wants the world to know that he has standards.  Especially when it comes to transportation.

During a visit to Adelaide, Australia, Xzibit was booked for an appearance by Aussie rapper/promoter Mastacraft.  Things turns from bad to ferocious when X didn’t think his airport transportation was up to standard.  Going one step further, Mastacraft reportedly disappeared when Xzibit had to go to the venue and was forced to hail a cab from the hotel.

When confronted backstage, Xzibit let the promoter have it, yelling profanities and grabbing a metal barstool, throwing it at the man.

Someone backstage grabbed this insane footage of the showdown.

While some reports state that cops were called to the scene, Xzibit posted this photo in response to an Australian blogger who tweeted that Xzibit slapped Mastacraft backstage.

Mastacraft states they treated Xzibit perfectly and anything contrary is wrong.

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