B.o.B. Takes on Consumer Culture in ‘All I Want’ Video: Watch

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(Hannibal Matthews for Atlantic Records)

(Hannibal Matthews for Atlantic Records)

In B.o.B.’s track “All I Want,” the rapper isn’t afraid to admit that finally getting his first taste of money, with which he put food on his mother’s table and got his first cable subscription, only made him want more.

And in the video to accompany the track, helmed by director Dennis Liu (Sia, Capital Cities), the pair takes us to the logical conclusion of only being obsessed by the desire for money and money and unchecked consumption.

It’s not pretty.

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B.o.B. stands in front of a wall of bills, presenting an interesting and well-timed visual counterpoint to Kimye’s wall of flowers. Liu cuts to everyday people, from all walks of life, lip synching his song with parts of their face obstructed and fit to matching face-types on various bills.

It’s an unsettling affect with huge political implications, when human faces are dehumanized and put on equal standing with an inanimate object that literally only holds the value we’ve assigned to it. It is meant to make the viewer question what is more important: that dollar bill or the man behind it?


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