Pablo Wants to Take Dance Lessons From a Stripper

Trying to figure out what women want for their birthday can be confusing for their significant other.  Do you take her to dinner and a movie?  Do you buy flowers… again?  Lame. You need to get her or him a gift they will remember for the next 365 days.

Pablo ran into this problem, trying to get his fiance Jaymee something special for her birthday.  So, he’s trying something different.  And it involves a stripper.

Stripping 101


Okay, hold on, before you start thinking Pablo is bringing Jaymee to the strip club and what a smut he is… you are way off. Pablo is getting Jaymee “Mr.Assassin.”  Sort of.

Join me in wishing the CEO of EWC, the one and only @dc_assassin a very Happy Birthday!!

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Pablo will have Mr. Assassin come in to show him some sexy dance moves.  Pablo will take those moves and give Jaymee a show on her birthday. Trust me, Pablo knows better than to let Mr.Assassin anywhere near Jaymee. We were able to reach him and ask him for this important favor.

Meet Mr. Assassin


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