PABLO: When Did Your Boss Not Have Your Back?

Do you remember a time when your boss did not have your back? For some, that question may have been asked in the wrong way. Do you remember the last time your boss had your back? If the answer is no… I hope you are looking for a new job.

Recently, KFC was under fire when a story hit the web about them asking a 4-year-old girl to leave the restaurant,when her visible scars from a dog attack “made customers uncomfortable.”

KFC apologized by giving the little girl $30,000 to help supplement medical costs. The problem, though, is the employee accused of asking her to leave told their boss it was a lie.

After a private investigation from KFC, they found it was all a hoax. The family has since collected $30,000 from KFC and $130,000 from a crowdsourcing account.

When did your boss not have your back?

When Your Boss Failed You


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