Ray J Charged With Four Crimes in Beverly Hills Incident

Singer Ray J is feeling the heat this week after being charged with four crimes by Los Angeles County for an incident that occurred May 30.

According to the police statement, Ray J was at a Beverly Hills hotel in late May when a woman complained he “grabbed her buttocks.”   The initial police report called the contact incidental, but the complaint filed by the woman stated it was sexual battery because Ray J “unlawfully touched an intimate part” of the woman for the “specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification and sexual abuse.”

Soon after, Ray J become belligerent and angry with the valet.  When cops were called to the scene to take the singer into custody, he used his feet to shatter the side window of the police car. Cops then removed him from the car to restrain his feet.  That’s when Ray J “became combative and spat into the face of one of the officers.”

The string of instances caused Ray J to be charged with four crimes of sexual battery, resisting arrest, assault and battery and vandalism.

Ray J’s hearing is set for Friday, but he does not have to attend.

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