The Latest on Mike Brown’s Death and the Protests in #Ferguson

Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Mo. on Aug. 9. Demonstrations, riots and outrage has ensued.

Follow along with an updated timeline, and check back for the latest headlines each day.

Aug. 26, 2014:

REPORT: Alleged New Audio of Michael Brown Shooting (CBS St. Louis)

Aug. 25, 2014:

Brown’s Cousin: ‘Enough of the Senseless Killings’ (CBS St. Louis)

Mourners Gather for Michael Brown Funeral (CBS St. Louis)

MTV Stops The Show For Michael Brown (CBS St. Louis)

Aug. 24, 2014:

Michael Brown Sr. Asks For Day of Peace (CBS St. Louis)

Aug. 23, 2014:

Obama Will Send Three to Brown Funeral (CBS St. Louis)

Local Fraternal Order of Police Sends Funds For Ferguson Officer
(CBS D.C.)

Aug. 22, 2014:

Ferguson Youth: Where Do We Go From Here? (CBS St. Louis)

Local Police Departments Consider Body Cameras As Officer Scrutiny Increases (CBS D.C.)

Michael Brown’s mom: ‘Nobody’s child deserves to be treated like that’ (CBS News)

Aug. 21, 2014:

Holder: I Understand Why Many Black Americans Don’t Trust Police (CBS D.C.)

Police: 93 Percent of People Arrested in Ferguson Not From Ferguson (CBS St. Louis)

120,000 People Want the White House to Pass ‘Mike Brown Law’ (The Wire)

Lauryn Hill Dedicates ‘Black Rage’ to #Ferguson (WPGC)

Aug. 20, 2014:

T.I. Blasts Police, America: “We’re the Monster that Now Refuses to be Dismissed” (WPGC)

Holder Bringing Personal Perspective to Ferguson (CBS D.C.)

Captain: 47 Arrests During Ferguson Protests, No Tear Gas (CBS St. Louis)

Ferguson protests show no sign of going away (CBS News)

Aug. 19, 2014:

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: ‘If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us’ (TIME)

Pres. Obama Avoiding Personalizing Latest Bout Of Racial Friction (CBS D.C.)

Diddy Calls Out President Obama On Ferguson: ‘These Are Your People’ (Vibe)

Redskins Run Onto Field With Hands Up for Michael Brown (WPGC)

More Than 30 Arrested After Another Violent Night In Ferguson (CBS St. Louis)

Aug. 18, 2014:

Pres. Obama on Ferguson: Time to Listen, Not Just Shout (CBS D.C.)

Missouri Governor Deploys National Guard to Ferguson (CBS St. Louis)

Michael Brown shooting: Private autopsy results revealed (CBS News)

Violence Returns to Ferguson Following Curfew (CBS D.C.)

What does Michael Brown’s shooting say about race in America? (CBS News)

The Local Scene

PHOTOS: Thousands Gather in Malcolm X Park for D.C. Vigil

‘I Am Mike Brown’ Song Goes Viral

Aug. 15, 2014:

Ferguson Police Chief Reveals Name Of Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown

Tear Gas Advice Given to Ferguson Protestors from Palestinians

Protesters Gather In Ferguson, Carry Signs, Chant

Brown’s Funeral on Hold Until Second Autopsy Performed

Aug. 14, 2014:

St. Louis Police Prepare for Michael Brown Vigil, March Downtown

Missouri State Highway Patrol Will Take Over Ferguson Security

Raw Video: Mike Brown’s Friend Recounts the Shooting

Obama: ‘No Excuse For Police To Use Excessive Force Against Peaceful Protesters’

McCaskill in Ferguson: Time to ‘De-Militarize This Situation’

Sen. Warren On Ferguson Protests: ‘This Is America, Not A War Zone’

St. Louis County Government Websites Currently Down

Alderman Antonio French Arrested, Released

Aug. 13, 2014:

2 Local Reporters Arrested at Ferguson McDonald’s

Suspect Charged With Assault in Tuesday Night Officer-Involved Shooting

Ferguson Police Chief: Officer Who Fired Fatal Shots Showed Signs of Fight

Brown’s Mother: ‘We Don’t Know What Happened’

Police: Woman Shot in Apparent Drive-By Shooting During Protests

Aug. 12, 2014:

First Nine Suspects in Sunday’s Looting Charged

Obama: Remember Michael Brown Through Reflection, Understanding

NAACP Meets With Members of Ferguson Community

Police Say They Won’t Release Name of Officer Who Shot, Killed Michael Brown

Michael Brown Called Quiet, Respectful

Aug. 11, 2014:

Social Media Blamed for Some of the Scope of Ferguson Looting

VIDEO: Firefighters Arrive On Scene Of Burning QuikTrip

FBI: Possible Civil Rights Violations in Shooting Death of Missouri Teen

Aug. 10, 2014:

Businesses Burned, Looted In Ferguson In Wake Of Police Shooting

Mother Of Dead Missouri Teen Wants Officer Jailed

Police: Michael Brown Struggled With Officer Before Shooting

Officer-Involved Fatal Shooting in Ferguson



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