Mark Ronson Talks Red Carpet Fashion, Iconic ‘Blue Note Look’ in Style Files

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Mark Ronson style files

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There’s a misconception about Mark Ronson that he’d like to clear up. All those amazing outfits you see him wear on the red carpet, from the velvet dinner jackets to the wide-leg trousers? They are not handmade.

“People seem to assume that I get stuff made, but I just kind of like am probably lucky to fit into the off-the-rack Top Man sizes,” Ronson says. “I don’t really go out wearing a certain loud jacket because I want attention. It’s because that looks nice to me. Just by nature, my profession…I tend to shy away from the limelight. Producers are usually more like back room figures.”

Yes, one of the most fashionable men alive today isn’t trying to grab your attention. It just comes naturally to him. Ronson told us about his own style icons, and these days he’s looking further and further into the past for the style that seems right to him.

“There’s all these iconic pictures of Bryan Ferry in the ’70s,” Ronson says. “It doesn’t even particularly have to be a man for me to see a picture and think they look cool. It’s like Diane Keaton in Annie Hall or Bianca Jagger riding a horse into Studio 54. Not that I would ever ride a horse into a night club but I think that you just see things and think, ‘Oh that looks cool, can I try that?,’ within reason.”

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Ronson recalled going into the studio with Kaiser Chiefs and says the one day he lost all control of the session was when he wore a hoodie and jeans. 



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