Prince Vault Contains ‘Enough New Music to Last a Century’

By Hayden Wright

When reports surfaced that Prince kept a vault of unreleased music at his home in Minnesota, it seemed like something out of Arthurian legend—fun to dream about, but could it be true? The virtuosic performer and songwriter really needed an entire room (behind lock and key) to store his backlog of unheard compositions? Yes, apparently he did.

Recently, executors for the Prince estate drilled into the Paisley Park vault and found more music than he could release in a century. The late singer was reportedly the only person who knew the vault’s combination.

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In 2012, Prince told The View that the size of his collection was daunting.

“One day, someone will release them. I don’t know that I’ll get to release them,” he said. “There’s just so many.”

His collaborators knew the vault well, and have provided a bit more detail to the media about its size and scope.

“When I left in 87, it was nearly full,” former Prince sound manager Susan Rodgers told the Guardian. “Row after row of everything we’d done. I can’t imagine what they’ve done since then.”

No plans have been revealed regarding when the unearthed material will meet the light of day.

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