Is This Woman Too “Hot” To Be A Bank Teller?

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  • shone

    She is not all that! She should sue! that is if it is true

  • cliff wigg

    Too FINE where ?? I’ve seen better looking women in Wal-Mart shopping with 3 kids running around behind them . Long hair , legs and big breast do not make fine .

  • Sandylady

    No she just like the rest. If anything you would think it woud make people want to come in more often

  • JRan

    I have to agree with those above. She’s alright…but not that nice.

  • Nene

    I agree with everyone. She is absolutely not that good looking. What state is she working at?! Anyways, my husband and I have seen way better on an average day….and she’s definently not it.

  • lyneese cruz

    Haters fall back! This woman is gorgeous! The article is not about whether YOU personally think she is beautiful. Anyone with two eyes can see that this woman is absolutely GORGEOUS so stfu!! She is way above average pretty and in her bank she prolly stuck out like a sore thumb! Its not about if u know people prettier than her. She IS all that so stop it!! I know there are other people who just may look better but that’s not the point. Yall are prolly the same type of ppl who be hatin on ppl like her smh…

  • Perry

    I thought you were going to post some racy pics. NOT…She looks like an ordinary woman. It must be something more to this story. Lets see what or if she files an EEOC lawsuit.

  • Nina

    first of all, all of you are haters yes their maybe prettier woman but if you look at her physique and her facial structure she is gorgeous. And all of you all who wrote she is alright i would like to see your idea of pretty. i can see people hitting on her at work. they didnt say she’s to hot to work for p diddy lol its a bank

  • Rob Kenton

    What?????? She’s alright! Surely not a distraction!!

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