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PABLO: WPGC Listeners Play ‘Dead or Alive’

What is proper window of time to find out the death of someone if they are not blood?


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PABLO: Woman Criticized for Breastfeeding During Graduation

There is a photo making its rounds on social media that has everyone up in arms about breastfeeding.


(Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images) Petition to Beyoncé & Jay Z: Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair

A new petition is making a simple request of Beyoncé of Jay Z: comb Blue Ivy’s hair.


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PABLO: What Did T.I.’s Mom Say to Tiny?

For those who are married, you know what it’s like to either love or hate your in-laws.



PABLO: ‘Sorry’ Is NOT Enough

This week was for the “sorry people” on The Pablo Show. This includes people who put their feet in their mouth and had to explain why they would say hurtful things.

WPGC 95.5–06/06/2014

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PABLO: Who Do You Have Beef With?

The Pablo Show shared their beefs with different companies as well as took calls from WPGC listeners.

WPGC 95.5–06/06/2014


PABLO: A Mother’s Day Fail for Tati

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11 and many of us haven’t figured out what we are doing for our Moms or what to get her.


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PABLO: When Your Kids Surprise You

There are times when you think, “what just happened? I wasn’t ready for that.”


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Have You Ever Been ‘Banned for Life’ From Somewhere

This whole Ben Affleck ordeal had the Pablo Show thinking about times we have been banned from certain places.


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What Was Your ‘I Told You So’ Moment?

Pablo doesn’t think Clooney is ready. In fact, he feels many friends have said it before… “Don’t date HIM!”



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