The Kool Out’s Neo-Soul Moment

Time to relax and cuddle up to your computer for another Neo-Soul Moment with the Kool Out, tonight’s Artist is [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Angie Stone[/lastfm]. Watch her video here>>>>


Mariah Carey Gives Exclusive Interview To Nick Cannon And Premieres New Single

Yesterday, Mariah Carey’s pregnancy rumors were confirmed on “The Today Show.” This morning, the superstar opened up about the big news, her new album and her upcoming Christmas plans with husband Nick Cannon on his […]


Mariah Confirms She’s Pregnant

Today she let the cat out of the bag (although most already thought so). [lastfm]Mariah Carey[/lastfm] and hubby Nick Cannon are expecting a baby. They don’t know the sex, but there was a surprise reason […]


Beyonce Is NOT Pregnant With Baby Hov

[lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] is tired of shutting down the rumors that she is with child, so her mom shuts it down for her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Baby Is On That Stuff Or Is He?!

[lastfm]Baby[/lastfm], [lastfm]Birdman[/lastfm], whatever you want to call him is on that stuff again. He had the nerve to compare [lastfm]Lil’ Wayne[/lastfm] to the King!!! Not [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm], but the King of Pop, [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]. WHAT?! I […]



[lastfm]Ne-Yo[/lastfm] and his “friend” Monyetta are a nervous wreck welcoming a new baby girl into the world at the beginning of 2011. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Any advice to give a man having a girl???


It’s A Miracle!!! She’s Alive!!!

A couple got the surprise of their life when they opened the coffin at their premature newborn daughter’s wake to find her alive. Check out the story…


Mom Throws Newborn From Bathroom Window

OMG!!!! I’m an extremely positive person and hate to start your day with this – but I screamed AWNAWHELLNAW after hearing about this story. Read on


Swizz DEAD-Beatz?!

Remember the story we told you about [lastfm]Swizz Beatz[/lastfm] having another child in the UK. If you don’t remember, check the story out HERE. Well, now there is more to the story. Check it out…


Finally A Real Shot Of The Baby!!!

[lastfm]Kelis[/lastfm] was out with her lil’ man, Knight, and we finally get to see a clear shot of him. Who does he look like??? [lastfm]Nas[/lastfm] or [lastfm]Kelis[/lastfm]???