Video: DMX Versus The Mechanical Bull! Who Is Your Money On?

[lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] is a Ruff Ryder for real! See if he can handle the mechanical bull at a California sports bar…


DMX Got A Problem…

… with [lastfm]Plies[/lastfm].  Apparently, Plies lyrics in his music just rubs [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] in the wrong way. While on a St. Louis radio station he talked about [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] being the best artist in the game and […]


Tashera Explains WHY?!

Following her separation from her longtime love, [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm], Tashera Simmons comes out to explain why she stood by her man for so long and it’s not what you think. Check out what she had to […]


DMX Speaks!!!

[lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] talks with MTV about turning himself into authorities and he’s fine with going back into the slammer. Check it out…


DMX Is In Jail, AGAIN!!!

Sometimes some people feel more comfortable in jail than they do being free. I think that’s the case with [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm]. Check out why he is in jail THIS TIME…


Stand By Your Man!!!

Have you seen [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm]’s new video featuring [lastfm]Keri Hilson[/lastfm] called “Got Your Back”??? If not check it out HERE.  Also, you heard the story about [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm]’s wife, Tashera, ready to move on??? Check it out […]


SHOCKING!!! Tashera Simmons Isn’t Standing By Her Man!!!

If you didn’t know Tashera Simmons is married to Earl Simmons aka [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] [BARK GRUNT… lol]. She’s tired of being part of their disfunctional union and wants OUT!!! Check out what she plans to do […]


DMX Sentenced To Six Months In Jail

You remember [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] Going off in court last week for being the only one there?  Well, he was back in court this week – and the judge gave him six months in jail. Check out the […]