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Gucci Mane Drops New Album ‘Trap God 3′

It’s the newest release from behind bars for the rapper.


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Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty on Assault Charge, Receives 3 More Years in Prison

Gucci Mane has pleaded guilty on an assault charge today (Sept. 15) in Atlanta, guaranteeing he will spent more time behind bars.


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Gucci Mane Shares an Ode to ‘Mrs. Perfect': Listen

Gucci’s previous release, Brick Factory Vol. 2, came out all of one week ago.


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Stream Gucci Mane’s New Album ‘Brick Factory Vol. 2′

Despite a long legal fight after gun charges, which eventually resulted in 39 months of prison, Gucci Mane is having an especially prolific year.


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10 Rapper Names and Where They Came From

Ever listen to your favorite rapper and wonder, “How in all creation did they come up with this name?” Most rappers have a back story to the reasoning behind their stage name and some of them might surprise you.


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Gucci Mane Sentenced to 39 Months on Gun Charge

After his release, the rapper will remain on parole for three more years.


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Stream Gucci Mane’s New Mixtape ‘Gucci vs. GuWop’

The new mixtape is 13 songs deep and includes a handful of already-released songs. including “RIP Slim Dunkin.”


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8 More Gucci Mane Projects Coming This Year, Featuring Young Thug, Chief Keef

Gucci made the original announcements on his Twitter account, posting the name of each project with a release date attached when applicable



Stream Gucci Mane’s New Album ‘The Oddfather’

Last week, Gucci tweeted that he was dropping The Oddfather on the same day he was going to be sentenced.


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Gucci Mane is Penning an Autobiography, ‘The Diary of a Trap God’

During Gucci Mane’s time in jail, the rapper admits he will be writing a novel about his life called “The Diary of a Trap God.”