Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Where Have You Been All My Life?!

[lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] sits down with Toure discuss her hiatus from the music industry. Check out what she has to say…


That’s Why We Had To Wait?! Seriously?!?

Lauryn Hill was slated to perform at The Rock The Bells concert, but she kept fans waiting for 3 hours!  Check out the reason for her tardiness…


W’sup With The Twista Style Rapping, Lauryn???

[lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] hit the stage for the Rock the Bells show hours late this past weekend, however, many people felt [lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] didn’t sound like herself. They said she sped up the tempo to all […]


Nicki Minaj Reminds Me Of Lauryn Hill… WAIT!!! WTF?!

[lastfm]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] toots her horn over the comparison to [lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] when Irv Gotti put that out there. Check out what she had to say…


Are You Ready To Rock The Bells?!

The Rock the Bells Tour is coming this way on Sunday!!! Most people are excited about seeing [lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] gracing the stage. Check out how she rocked “Lost Ones” it at the California show…


It’s Official!!! L-Boogie Is Bizzzack!!!

[lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] hit the stage in Portugal and rocked some of her past favorites. Check it out…


The Kool Out Artist of the Night

Don’t call it a comeback!!!! Tonight we are delegating [lastfm]Lauryn Hill [/lastfm]as the Artist of the Night in her video “Ex-Factor” can’t wait for you return! Courtesy of the Kool Out  


The Return of Lauryn Hill??? New Song???

I found this track that was released this weekend from [lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm]. Not sure if this  is her new single the title of the track is Repercussions but click here to listen…  


A Daughter Follows In The Footsteps Of Her Mother

Lauryn Hill’s 12-year old daughter Selah posted a video of her singing, check it out…


Lauryn Hill Is On Her Way To Making A Comeback

[lastfm]Lauryn Hill[/lastfm] is looking to take off where she left off!!! She performed a couple of songs recently out in the park. Check out how she sounded.