Another Flashback

I stumbled accross this song and couldn’t help but share…


Remininsce with the Infamous

DJ Titan ripped the Midday Party today with vintage hip hop. He rocked this classic anthem for uptown baby


Rest In Paradise Aaliyah Dana Haughton (1979-2001)

Popular R&B singer, [lastfm]Aaliyah[/lastfm] and crew left this earth on August 25, 2001 (9 years ago today) in a tragic plane crash from the Bahamas. She was in the Bahamas filming her last music video […]


The Kool Out KT’s Top3

At Your Best You Are Loved…..


The Kool Out KT’s Top 3

BabyGirl better known as [lastfm]Aaliyah[/lastfm]….


The Kool Out KT’s Top3

Tonight’s Top 3 are dedicated to [lastfm]Aaliayh[/lastfm], can you believe that it’s been 9 years since she’s been gone….


The Kool Out’s Artist of the Night

Wanted to Share the Memories of [lastfm]Aaliyah[/lastfm] so we dedicated the Artist of the Night to her. Check her out back in 1997 for her video “4 Page Letter”, enjoy courtesy of  The Kool Out!


The Dream Hits Up The HomeTeam

[lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] is catching a lot of  heat for his remake of [lastfm]Aaliyah[/lastfm]‘s “One In A Million” and hits up the HomeTeam to discuss it. Check it out…


The Dream Covers Aaliyah's "One In A Million"… Yea… WTF?!

Yea…  [lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] really tried to remake the track. Check it out…


The Kool Out's Flashback Video of the Night

Check out this video of [lastfm]Ginuwine[/lastfm] for his song “I’m Sorry/I’ll Do Anything”, classic video and see if you can identify the another artist who made a huge impact on the hearts of those who […]




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