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Carson Daly Interviews Internet Star Antoine Dodson

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…because Antoine ‘Bed Intruder’ Dodson stopped by to chat with Carson Daly this morning!


Makes You Wonder Don’t It…

Your man, Antoine Dodson, can’t be stopped. He’s milking this new found celebrity status following his report on the serial rapist in Lincoln Park. Makes you wonder if that was for real. Check out his […]


Kelli & Antoine Dodson Have More To Say

Internet sensations, Antoine Dodson and his sister, aren’t ready for their 15 seconds of fame to be up. Check it out…


Hide Your Husbands! The North Carolina A&T Band Rocks the Bed Intruder Song!

The internet sensation that is Antoine Dodson continues on! Listen to North Carolina A&T’s marching band to their rendition of the Bed Intruder parody song…


reeeeee-miiiixxxxxx!! #2

ok here is the 2nd remix to Antoine Dodson’s World Famous song….what do you think?



You decide which remix of Antoine Dodson is the best….here is remix #1


Bed Intruder Song!!!

Check out this new song from the internets new hot sensation Antoine Dodson aka The Bed Intruder. Click here to watch…


We Blowin’ Up, SON!!!

Antoine Dodson, who became an internet sensation for appearing in a NEWS REPORT putting out threats to his neighbors is blowing up!!! Check out the details…