What do Jay-Z and Flava Flav Have In Common?

They both are fried chicken restaurateur. As I previously reported [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Flavor Flav[/lastfm] was looking to create his first restaurant, Flav’s Fried Chicken. Well, it looks like the Public Enemy hypeman is scheduled to have […]


An Awnawhellnaw Cash Cow

In the market for a new pet? You won’t believe the new 2011 pet that is moo-ving pet sellers to “milk” it.


Where Did This Women Hide A Stolen Mink Coat?

If this ain’t an Anji Corley Awnawhellnaw — we don’t know what is?


Anji’s Awnawhellnaw of the Day

If saving money were a sport, this lady would be an Olympian. She saves almost $230 at a grocery store just my using coupons.


Get a Flava-gator For Christmas

Anji has a trademark saying for things or people that are truly off-da-chain, unbelievable or a WTF…AWNAWHELLNAW! So what made the list today is very Flavor-Flav-ocious.


Anji’s Daily Awnawhellnaw

No “pants on the ground” for this teen who didn’t pull his sagging pants up when he was asked to….it’s an AWNAWHELLNAW!!


Anji’s Daily Awnawhellnaw

If you want to dress up for my Halloween V Day Party at Tuscana Lounge, you could always be a Bad Intruder! If not, here’s some other ideas for a quick and creative costumes.


Anji’s Daily Awnawhellnaw

Say your rent is too damn high and you might get an action figure too. Look at this doll that really made me say, “AWNAWHELLNAW!!”


Daily Awnawhellnaw Video

Wouldn’t we all like to be greeted like this when someone see’s us?! Even if it’s a wild animal!


Anji’s Awnawhellnaw

Halloween is a few days away, but this Awnawhellnaw happening tonight includes tons of make-up, dressing up in high heels and perfect for running around like a woman…and your invited!