“She Can Be A Nasty Character” Is What Nicki Had To Say

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] refrains from speaking on Lil’ Kim by name but continues to talk about her. Check out what she said to The New York Times. 


Nicki Minaj Throws Darts Lil’ Kim’s Way

[lastfm]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] teams up with [lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm] for their latest track, “Roman’s Revenge” and she goes in on [lastfm]Lil’ Kim[/lastfm].


Omarion Claps Back On Raz-B

[lastfm]Omarion[/lastfm] gives [lastfm]Raz-B[/lastfm] the “are you serious” face after he loses his mind on camera going in on him, Chris Stokes, and [lastfm]Marques Houston[/lastfm].


Danella Dishes The Dirt

Danella dishes on the “[lastfm]Wale[/lastfm] & [lastfm]Kid Cudi[/lastfm] Beef”, she talks about Dwyane Wade’s crazy baby mama, and why Oprah is mad at [lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm].


I’m Sensing A Hostility Between Wale & Kid Cudi

To put it plain and simple, Kid Cudi and [lastfm]Wale[/lastfm] just aren’t cool anymore. [lastfm]Kid Cudi[/lastfm] explains why.


Rick Ross Responds To Jeezy

[lastfm]Jeezy[/lastfm] spoke about [lastfm]Rick Ross[/lastfm] in his new song “Death B4 Dishonor”. Didn’t hear it??? Check it out HERE. Well, [lastfm]Rick Ross[/lastfm] finally responded. Check it out…


Don’t Nobody Talk About Mama’s Baby!!!

Debra Antey aka [lastfm]Waka Flocka Flame[/lastfm]‘s mommy/manager got in front of the camera to speak about the “supposed” beef between her son and [lastfm]Gucci Mane[/lastfm]. Check out what she had to say…


Ne-Yo Tell ‘Em How You Really Feel

[lastfm]Ne-Yo[/lastfm] did an interview while in the UK and the topic of comparison to other R&B artists came up. One thing [lastfm]Ne-Yo[/lastfm] spoke about was his personal problem with [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm]. Check out what it […]


Twititioning Against Diddy?! C’Mon Son!!!

You know when [lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm]‘s has beef with someone he takes it as far as possible. Check out what’s new with the [lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm] vs. [lastfm]Diddy[/lastfm] beef…


“I Like Everyone, No One’s Better Than The Other”

[lastfm]Trina[/lastfm] was asked, “[lastfm]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] or [lastfm]Lil’ Kim[/lastfm]“? Check out what she said…