Guy Lambert

Win Tickets to the 'Laugh, Dance and Party'Listen for your chance to win tickets to the Laugh, Dance, Party Celebrity Tribute on Nov. 25 at The Hilton in Crystal City.
Confessions For Carter: What Would You Confess for Tickets?JAY Z and Beyonce just announced their joint "On The Run Tour" and The Pablo Show has tickets for their loyal WPGC listeners.
The Pablo Show Talks Weird Bathroom HabitsThings got a little... hairy this morning as The Pablo Show brought up the topic of "don't knock it 'till you try it."
Guy Lambert: The BAMA Hater!Guy Lambert attended the University of Alabama for three years and hates their football team.
Kanye West stops by the studios!
Not Everyone Thinks Guy Is A Good Guy (Listen)
Red Pants On A Man: HOT or NOT?Sexy is as sexy does... or is sexy, what you wear?
Guy Lambert Steals the Show...On Wednesday, Guy Lambert explains why sneaking into a movie is NOT stealing.
WPGC Listener: 'I Thought Guy Lambert Was FOINE!'The Pablo Show went out to Springfield Plaza Wednesday and encountered a fan who had interesting assumptions on what she thought Guy Lambert looked like.
WPGC Celebrating The Inauguration At The Newseum!!
[Video] Maya Angelou Interview at the National Theater for her 15th Annual Fundraiser
DC Emancipation Day 150th Anniversary Great Debate [Video]
Joe Clair Morning Show
DMV Spotlight
D.C. Lottery Live

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