look at me now

Look At Me Now… No really LOOK!

A chick gives Busta some go with her quick tongue? Wait! That sounds suspect… You have to see what I’m talking about, and you wont believe your eyes (or ears) when you see this video… […]


Look At Me Now Cover Is The Talk Of The Town

Two individuals are making major waves all over gossip sites with this rendition of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Chris Brown[/lastfm]’s Look At Me Now. What we want to know if you’re feeling it…


White Gal uses “N” word while rapping…

Yeah it’s so cool when pop culture learns the lyrics to hip-hop songs. This being a billion dollar industry, that has shut down stereotypical genre lines. But is it cool that non-black kids who repeat […]


Chris Brown Says “Look At Me Now” In New Video with Busta & Weezy + Announces F.A.M.E. Track List

The world of Chris Brown is always going through some random twists and turns for the public to criticize. The latest news on the singer is actually normal for once, as he has released the […]


UH oh…What did Lil’ Wayne say now?

Ok, so I got a few taps on my shoulder in regards to a comment that Lil’ Wayne said about Chris Brown during the video shoot “Look at me now”.   Wanna know what he said?