HBO Documentary Screening Of Nine Lives Of Marion Barry

Marion Barry’s Son Charged With Drug Possession With Intent To Distribute

Marion Christopher Barry was arrested after police found 5 sandwich bags of marijuana and a vile of PCP. He faces a single charge of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.


It’s A Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde

Newlyweds, [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] and Tiny, are arrested!!! Check out the details…


Marijuana is Now Legal!

Slow your roll!! Before you puff, puff pass — get all the smoking details here first!


NAACP Put Up A “Green” Thumbs Up

NAACP is offering their support to legalizing marijuana. Hmm…??? Why??? They see it as a way to keep minorities from being arrested so often. Check out the story…


Let’s Put One In The Air

Governor, Sarah Palin, is all for smoking a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’. She even admitted to putting one in the air too. Check out more of what she had to say…


Washington, D.C. Jumped On The Bandwagon

The nation’s capital followed in the footsteps of other states. Check it out…