Boston Market offers Tax Day Freebies (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

10 Tax Day Freebies for 2014

From free dinner to free massages or free cookies, many places are celebrating the end of tax season.


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VIDEO: Charles Ramsey Talks About Amanda Berry Rescue

In less than 48 hours, Charles Ramsey went from just some guy in Cleveland to a national hero and an Internet sensation. Somebody give this man a reality TV show!! Not only did he rescue […]

WPGC 95.5–05/08/2013

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For The Wanted, All Roads Lead To McDonald’s

Whether he’s talking summer jobs or taking a girl out for a nice date, McDonald’s is the place the Wanted’s Tom Parker wants to be. It seems the singer worked at a McDonald’s before his […]


Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches Record High Of $640 Million

Lottery Jackpot Winner Refuses To Share Winnings With Co-Workers

*Sigh* The down side of lottery pools…one of the winners of the famous $640 million Mega Millions jackpot was participated in a lottery pool with her co-workers at a Maryland McDonald’s. However, she is refusing […]


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[Video] New McDonalds Commercial Carries Lebron James

[photogallerylink id=28863 align=left] McDonalds Playd The Hell Out Lebron James In This Commercial


McDonald’s Manager Slaps Customer

Would you like a Big Slap with your fries? A manager at a Atlanta McDonald’s loses control and loses her job too!


Happy Meals Last Forever

McDonald’s Happy Meals have a shelf life of… FOREVER!!! Due to a lady’s experiment, this is proven to be true.


What Would You Do For A Box Of McNuggets??

We all know that 6:30 AM is breakfast time at Micky D’s, but one chick didn’t get the memo. See what happened when her McNugget order got DENIED! (It’s NOT pretty…)