message of hope

Rev. Tony Lee's 9/11 Message of Hope

Rev. Tony Lee wants you continue to move forward following the tragic events of September 11th of 2001. Take a listen to his Message of Hope…


It’s Better To Work Together Than Apart

Rev. Tony Lee wants people to come together to reach a common goal. Take a listen to find out what he has to say about it…


Post-“Supposed” Rapture Message of Hope

Many followed Harold Camping’s predictions that May 21, 2011 was Judgement Day. He, of course, was wrong and Rev. Tony Lee had something to say about the whole thing. Take a listen…


Happy Palm Sunday

Do you understand the meaning of Palm Sunday? Let Rev. Tony Lee teach you a little somethin’ somethin’…


Today Is A Good Day!!!

Rev. Tony Lee speaks on everyday being a good day just because you were able to wake up.


God Heals Heartbreak

Rev. Tony Lee spoke with a young lady today who was dealing with heartbreak and decided to speak to everyone who is dealing with the same thing.


Rev. Tony Lee’s Words Of Wisdom For 2011

Rev. Tony Lee wants you to have a prosperous 2011, so listen to what he has to say…


Everything Is A Blessing

You may not see the blessing, but it is there.


"Jesus Had Haters Too"

Rev. Tony Lee has haters and he’s not worried because Jesus had haters too…


"Spring Cleaning"

Rev. Tony Lee speaks on getting yourself prepared for the Spring. It’s time for “spring cleaning”…