The White People Said It At The Concert

Sunday night at the Lil Wayne concert in Baltimore they kept it 100!


Are You Desensitized By The N-Word?!

In discussion about Dr. Laura’s N-word rant the question came up about being desensitized by the N-word??? Check out the entire audio from Dr. Laura’s show and voice your opinion…


Mel Gibson’s Rant Somehow Gets Leaked

Mel Gibson’s racist rant audio on his baby mama, Oskana Grigorieva, went public, but the mother of his child has no clue how it happened. Check out his racist remarks…


Do You Still Cringe At The N-Word?!

John Mayer threw out the N-word during an interview and many people said they would stop listening and buying his music. Recently, actor Mel Gibson threw out the word during an argument with his estranged […]