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Pablo Handed Out Drug Tests & Someone Tested Positive

Did you know that it’s National Drug Testing Day? Pablo handed out drug tests this morning.


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PABLO: Is Honesty the Best Policy?

If you’re an honest person, you may be shocked at some things our WPGC listeners admitted to doing.


Ddendyl Hoyt and the Pablo Show

Ddendyl Hoyt from NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Visits the Pablo Show

Ddendyl Hoyt from this season of NBC’s “The Voice” visited the Pablo Show and completely blew us away.



Pablo Show: Tati’s Daughter Appreciates ‘Candy Hoes’

My daughter, Arie, is learning to spell and was asked to do a book report about Hansel & Gretel. She showed me some of her writing assignments and I was beyond entertained.



Couples Therapy Part 2: Should Married Couples Have Separate Lives?

We had Dr. Weena Cullins on The Pablo Show again this week to help Pablo and his fiancé better understand each other before they walk down the aisle.


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Could You Become A Victim Of ‘The Knockout Game’?

In ‘The Knockout Game,’ teens target random people on the street to see if they can knock them out with one punch. The victims are just innocent bystanders and never see it coming.


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Live To Tell: Scary Stories from Behind the Wheel

After hearing about the 22-year-old woman’s frightening ordeal when her car went over the Bay Bridge Friday night, the Pablo Show asked listeners about their near-death experiences and how they escaped.


What Are You Doing at the Courthouse? ‘Capt. Save A Hoe’

The Pablo Show usually finds some interesting characters at the Hyattsville Court House, and some can even leave Pablo speechless.


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Attack of the ‘Lame Landlords’

On Wednesday, The Pablo Show found out that Tati isn’t the only person with “landlord issues.” She has already signed a lease for her new house, but she is having some serious cold feet. After […]



‘Truth Or Pair': Has Pablo Cheated?

In the process of giving away tickets to Drake’s concert, The Pablo Show revealed a lot more than they bargained for. “Truth or Pair” is when you ask any member of the cast a personal […]