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[Video] Colombian Prostitute Who Made Secret Service Pay Big Money Speaks Out!

[photogallerylink id=110886 align=left]Well, of the 11 Secret Service members involved in the Colombia prostitution case, 3 have been booted from the Secret Service. 1 was fired, 1 retired, and 1 resigned…Now, one of the Colombian […]


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[Video] President Obama Adresses The Allegations Involving Prostitutes and The Secret Service

[photogallerylink id=99935 align=left]11 of President Barack Obama’s Secret Service members have been put on leave because of the scandalous sex scandal that has recently surfaced. CNN reports, that on Sunday, the POTUS called for a […]



Virginia Gang Members Plead Guilty To Trafficking High School Girls

Thursday, April 12, 2012, two Virginia men plead guilty to running a prostitution business, WJLA reports. The business entailed recruiting and trafficking HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS.


11 year old honor student turned prostitute, speaks from jail

Wow! At 11 years old Sara was on the honor roll. By the time she turned 13 she was on the stroll. Find out about the pimp that took her innocence, and she took his […]



Well the T is in, Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges in court yesterday.