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16-Year Old Moroccan Girl Commits Suicide After Being Forced To Marry Her Rapist

This heart wrenching story has instigated an outrage in Morocco. A sixteen year old girl recently committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist.


Lil’ B Wants To Do Something Strange With Kanye

Underground artist, Lil’ B (yea, i never heard of him either) decided the best way to get [lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm] to pay attention to him on Twitter and get him to do music with him is […]


Oh… You Thought That Was It?!

Jamal Parris is one of the accusers that stepped forward to speak about what Bishop Eddie Long “supposedly” did to him. If you missed what was said click HERE. However, there is more to the […]


Brian!!! What Did You Do?!

[lastfm]Brian McKnight[/lastfm] “supposedly” had nothing to do with it… Or did he??? Brian McKnight and his sons are being accused of covering up the rape of a pornstar… adult actress…  at his home.