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Dr. Dre Tips Waitress $5,000

Being the richest man in hip-hop has its perks – like being able to tip excessively on a bill.


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St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl Survival Guide

In light of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some very important and useful tips if you should happen to find yourself on any of the St. Patty’s Day bar crawls in the DMV.


The 7 Most Inappropriate Places To Flirt With Women

Sometimes its not how you appraoch women, but where you approach women.  You can have the sickest game in the world, but all that becomes null and void depending where you approach them.  Check out […]


7 Ways To Tell What A Guy Is Like In Bed

Can you tell how good a man will be in bed before you give the green light?  Well if you see these signs you may already have your answer. The real question is do you […]


5 Things NOT To Do On Earth Day

So we have given you tips on what to do to help keep the earth looking clean and healthy, heres what NOT to do for earth day…


Earth Day 2010 Tips

Take a vow this Earth Day 2010 to contribute to the better health of the earth. Simple changes in our habit and lifestyle can make this earth greener. Use these tips and make the earth […]


5 Ways To Feel Sexxy In 10 Seconds

Lets face it, you dont always have a lot of time to get into the mood, so here are a few tips to get things going in no time…