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Vote For YOUR Top 1 @ 1!! What’s Your Favorite Song?!

What’s up DMV! Play a part in Sunni And The City’s show! Vote for your favorite song to make it to the Top 1 @ 1 countdown! Or text in your request to 95501.


Sunni's Top 1@1-3

Vote For Your Top 1 At 1 !!!!!

[photogallerylink id=113007 align=left]What’s YOUR favorite song? Get involved with Sunni’s show! It’s your chance to send in your request. Vote OR Text your request to “95501.”


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Vote For Your Top 1 At 1 !!! ✌

[photogallerylink id=112582 align=left]What song do YOU want to hear!? VOTE for your favorite song. Have it played at 1 PM!


Sunni's Top 1@1-2

Top 1 At 1! Vote For YOUR Song!

[photogallerylink id=110886]What’s your favorite song that you hear on the WPGC station??? We want YOU to chose the number 1 song to be played at 1 PM!


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Top 1 At 1! Vote for YOUR Number ONE Song!!!!!!

[photogallerylink id=110886 align=left]What’s your favorite song !? Vote to hear it NOW!!!!!


Sunni's Top 1@1

Top 1 At 1 !!! VOTE for YOUR Song!

[photogallerylink id=107308 align=left]What’s your favorite song???? VOTE TO HEAR IT NOW! OR text your request to “95501” :)


Sunni's Top 1@1-2

Vote For Today's Top 1 @ 1 Countdown

Here is your chance to get involved in my show and vote for the Top 1 @ 1 …


Watch Tonight- The People’s Choice Awards On CBS!

There are a lot of award shows out there this time of year, but only one let’s you vote for your favorite music, movie, television, and internet stars: the People’s Choice Awards. The one of […]


It’s Time To Get Your Vote On

It’s time to head back to the voting booths!!! The Hip Hop Caucus wants to help.


Jay-Z Wants You To Vote Again

[lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm] is working to people back to the voting booths to vote again.