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In Case You Missed It! (Video) Nicki Minaj Performs At The Grammys

[photogallerylink id=101461 align=left]It’s so much that can be said that Nicki’s performance last night. Many people called it Satanic, weird, crazy… we could go on! I like Nicki but I can’t say that I liked […]


Young Money VS. Jay-Z & Kanye West

[photogallerylink id=77590 align=left]Grammy’s are coming up this Sunday and WHO IS GONNA WIN BEST RAP ALBUM?!?!


(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Check Out Nicki Minaj’s Rider… What She MUST Have Before Performing

[photogallerylink id=92574 align=left]We’ve all heard of crazy things that celebs request on their rider before a performance…. Marilyn Manson use to require a ‘bald hooker with no teeth’, Madonna a new toilet seat and Mariah […]


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Lil Wayne's Prison Memoir: Will You Read It?

[photogallerylink id=91007 align=left]The 29-year-old rap star is joining forces with a publishing company to compile his prison experience into words and bind it into a book.


(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Check Out Drake's New Girlfriend

[photogallerylink id=13277 align=left]Video vixen Dollicia Bryan (who recently dated Hill Harper, Rob Kardashian, Bow Wow & more) is now dating Drake…



WHOA! See What Nicki Minaj Got Her Boyfriend For Christmas.

Nicki went all in for her longtime boyfriend SB for X-mas. Dude must be KILLING that s#!&. #Salute [photogallerylink id=92574 align=left]


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Cute Video: Drake Sings Karaoke With A Fan

[photogallerylink id=58760 align=left]This video is too cute! One of the many reasons why I love Drake, he’s such a nice guy and down to Earth. A fan in Cali was about to sing karaoke and […]


(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Massive Brawl Erupts In Mall Of America Over Drake & Lil' Wayne Rumor (VIDEO)

[photogallerylink id=42788 align=left]This past Monday, as many shoppers were headed to the mall to exchange/return their Christmas gifts, a massive brawl erupted at the biggest mall of them all… The Mall Of America in Minnesota! […]


(Photo credit ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Ballin'! Check Out Nicki Minaj And Her Boyfriend's Bentleys

[photogallerylink id=78046 align=left] Nicki Minaj and her boo / hypeman Safaree ‘Scaff Beezy’ Samuels got His & Hers bentleys .. red for him and of course, pink for her. Ballin’!


(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Cute Or Crazy? Drake Gets A Tattoo Of Aaliyah

[photogallerylink id=13277 align=left]We all know about Drake’s love for Aaliyah. He’s even written a letter for her last year, expressing that love… Not only was I one of your biggest fans but I was truly […]





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